Iqbal Anasari

Iqbal Ansari is a politician from Karnataka state and a member of the Fourteenth Legislative Assembly of Karnataka . He also served as Cabinet Minister for Labour Medical education & Minority welfare in twelfth legislative assembly .

iqbal absari

Iqbal Ansari was born 17th June 1963 in Gangavathi his father MS Ansari a renowned philanthropist . Iqbal Ansari attained Bachelor of Commerce in 1984. he started his political journey as a municipal counsellor in 1989. Iqbal Ansari made his major political entry on the ticket of JDS in the year 2004. It is to be noted that this election was his debut, but he shook the entire region with his victory . He was one of the prominent member of Indian national congress until he joined JD(s),on the invitation of H.D Kumaraswamy in 2004.


He was inducted into state cabinet as a minister for medical education in the government of Shri Dharam singh . During his tenure he took historical decision of starting new medical colleges in places like Raichur , Bidar, Belgaum , Mandya , Hassan and Shimoga .

During this tenure To provide the benefits to the “Un Organised Labour's he formed "Building Workers Development Board". He was great symphatizer of labour class. Shrama Shakti, Micro-Loan and Macro-Loan"Schemes made utilised to create self employment among minority womens. For unemployed youths of minorities Loans were given for Purchasing Auto to have a self employment. 
He promulgated an Ordinance to scrap the law that bans employing women on night shifts. An Ordinance that will permit women to work on night shifts. drafted rules that would make it mandatory for other business establishments also to facilitate adequate security measures.

iqbal ansari

    Gangavathi was underdeveloped place in Hyderabad Karnataka region , lack of infrastructure , scarcity of water was major concern . Now gangavathi stands most developed town in the region . Modern bus stand , Circuit house , Mini Vidhana Soudha , APMC bavana , Primary & secondary schools , hostel facilities for backward class pure drinking water are his greatest contribution to gangavathi . New engineering college is also being constructed . Gangavathi received whopping amount of 620 crores in 2013-17 for infrastructural development . He is known as ARCHITECT of modern Gangavathi. 

He is close aide of his former counter part of 12th legislative assembly & present chief minister Shree Siddaramaiah , After completion of present legislative assembly he will quit JD(S) & rejoin India’s oldest party Indian National Congress with support of honourable chief minister Siddaramaiah in presence of president of Indian national congress shree Rahul Rajeev Gandhi.